Shashant Rajput Was Completely Addicted To Drugs, Actress Riya Chakraborty

According to Indian media, actress Riya Chakraborty has applied for bail for the second time in the Mumbai High Court. However, due to torrential rains in Mumbai, the High Court has adjourned the hearing on the bail application of Riya and her brother Shavek Chakraborty for one day.PAUSEUNMUTELoaded

Riya Chakraborty took the position that Sashant Rajput was addicted to drugs and he used to order drugs from his staff. Sashant used to take advantage of others to fulfill his habit. If he was still alive, he would also be summoned in court.
The actress added that Sashant was addicted to not only cigarettes but also marijuana and other drugs. He also used drugs recklessly during the shooting of his film Kedarnath.
“What the Narcotics Control Bureau and other investigative agencies are doing against me is just propaganda. No one has any evidence against me,” he said.
Reachkruti’s claim was slammed by the Indian media, who said that Sushant was no longer in the world, so Reyachkruti wanted to avoid any accusation against him. Riya Chakraborty is also trying to prove her brother’s innocence and is saying that he too was made addicted to drugs by Sushant. Was it his love of Sushant to make false accusations against a dead man in order to save himself?