After Maryam Nawaz, A War Of Words Between Gharida Farooqi And Shahbaz Gul

After Maryam Nawaz, A War Of Words Between Gharida Farooqi And Shahbaz Gul

Yesterday, Maryam Nawaz said that no representative of Nawaz Sharif had met the Army Chief, all decisions should be taken in Parliament.
On this statement of Maryam Nawaz, Gharida Farooqi had commented in her tweet that Maryam Nawaz Sahib openly opposed going to the meeting of Shahbaz Sharif Sahib and others in ISI mess. Tweet from N-League official account. While Ahsan Iqbal Sahib said in our program yesterday that there is no problem in this, it happens all over the world.
On which Maryam Nawaz went on a rampage and addressing Gharida Farooqi on Twitter said don’t be too smart and don’t play dirty games. I made a statement of principle which is in accordance with our constitution. Don’t call it as if it was given on the instructions of our party president or a special member.

Gharida Farooqi, who is considered a supporter of PML-N, could not help but respond to her tweet asking her to play dirty games. When Ghurida Farooqi replied, Shahbaz Gul also did not lag behind and replied to Ghurida Farooqi and also mocked him for being a supporter of PML-N.
In his tweet, Dr. Shahbaz Gul wrote that you are the one who likes to show him day and night as the savior and liberal of Pakistan – otherwise they are the ones who don’t get the cake, then the shoes hit you people. To the people), what kills? Shoes Now that you have made this decision, eat onions with them.

On which Gharida Farooqi got angry and said that your words are so immoral, rude and have fallen from the social literature etiquette for women, what should I answer you now. But you wondered why the PML-N should lag behind in taking “credit for the attacks on journalists.” You have once again vindicated the August 12 resolution of us women journalists.

To which Dr. Shahbaz Gul said, “I wish you would give this answer to those who called you Nasti. I mean dirty. Now you know that Nasti is acceptable to you because it was said from the house of Sharifs but you will not speak. She was on camera. But the matter of eating our onions fell from the etiquette. And yes, the women’s card doesn’t work all the time.

On which Dr. Shahbaz Gul said that with a lot of literature, Ms. Tehreek-e-Insaf is the only party which believes in respect, freedom and dissent of women. Maryam Nawaz’s dictatorial attitude is in front of everyone. If I were a male journalist, I wouldn’t know what to do!

It should be noted that in the past there has been a clash between Dr. Shahbaz Gul and Gharida Farooqi in a program after which Gharida Farooqi had stopped calling Dr. Shahbaz Gul in her own program. There was a lot of bitterness between Gharida Farooqi and Shahbaz Gul in this program. To a question, Shahbaz Gul said that she used to take a picture of Shahbaz Sharif from her personal mobile and she used to be his personal photographer. She also used to board a helicopter with Shahbaz Sharif.