Imran Khan to bring strict law on child abuse and murder: Chaudhary Shajyat Hussain

Prime Minister calls on high court to set up special courts to decide serious crimes in a week.

Pakistan Muslim League President and former Prime Minister Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain has called on Prime Minister Imran Khan to make laws to end serious crimes like child abuse in the country. They try to advise us, but the only thing that can understand the suffering that it has to do is that Imran Khan should decide for his own country.

“The tragedy happened not on the motorway, but three or four miles away, while Shahbaz Sharif, speaking in the National Assembly, did not mention the crime, he said. After hanging the zardari, he asked to drag his body into the streets and mike broke up in excitement.

Instead of discussing the tragedy in the Imran Khan National Assembly, he said, ask the High Court to set up special courts to hear cases of such serious crimes and to decide these special courts in a week, after the decisions, there will be a significant reduction in serious crimes and the public will be able to take action.